Stickman Games
We've collected a wide variety of free stickman games and stickman shooting games, including the popular Stickman Sam series, plus Stickman Assault, the Thing-Thing series, and more great stickman games.

stick man sniper: tactical assassin hitman gameStickman Sniper
Brush off your sniper skills and kill the stickman bad guys as you train to become a tactical assassin.
stikman sniper: shorty covers gameStickman Sniper:
Shorty Covers

Shoot the bad guys to keep Vinnie alive, and help him complete his missions.
Urban Sticman Sniper GameUrban Stickman Sniper:
The Beginning

Rise through the ranks to become the best stickman sniper in Stickville.
Urban Stickman Sniper 2Urban Stickman Sniper 2:

Take revenge on Don Pedrito, the mob boss who tricked you into doing the unthinkable on your last mission.
Sift Heads: Vinnie, the Stickman HitmanSift Heads
Stick hitman Vinnie kills other stick people. Help him do it.
Sift Heads 2: Vinne ReturnsSift Heads 2
Vinnie returns. Help him take out the bad guys.
Sift Heads 3
The mob tried to take out Vinnie. Now it's payback time.
Bowman 2 stickman archery gameBowman 2
It's a stickman archery duel to the death. How's your aim?
Fancy Pants
Battle giant spiders and killer rats in this bizarre world.
Stickman Assault
Blast your way through stickman zombies, soldiers, knights, etc.
Stickman Sam - fight stic man bad guysStickman Sam (pt. 1)
Help Stickman Sam battle his way past the bad guys.
Stickman Sam 2: stikeman zombies and moreStickman Sam (pt. 2)
Help Stickman Sam fight zombies and more.
Stickman Sam 3: More stick man bad guys with gunsStickman Sam (pt. 3)
Stickman Sam is still facing down the bad guys. Can you help?
Stickman Sam 4: Guns grenades and gutsStickman Sam (pt. 4)
Use guts, guns and grenades to help Sam complete his mission.
Save Me: Falling stik menSave Me
Catch the falling stickmen... and their toilets!
Save Me 2: More falling stick menSave Me 2
Rescue the stickmen and their pets, but watch out for grenades
Save Me 3: Shove Stick Men Out the WindowSave Me 3
Shove trapped stick men out the window of a burning building
Stickman Gunfighter: fight the sticman bossStickman Gunfighter
Fight your way through the bad guys to reach the stickman boss
Stickman Castle Defence: Defend your castleCastle Defense
Use magic and force to defend your castle against the enemy
Revenge of the Stickmen: Don't let the stick men escape your computer!Revenge of the Stickmen
They're tired of you killing them!
God's Playing Field: a stick man humor gameGod's Playing Field
Destroy your enemies with giant fists, falling pianos and more
God's Playing Field 2: Another sick stickman humor gameGod's Playing Field 2
Even more divine mayhem, with killer UFOs and more
Thing-Thing 1: Not quite stick men, but closeThing-Thing (pt. 1)
Escape your cell, then blast your way out of the bio-prison
Thing Thing 2: Like stickmen zombie cousinsThing-Thing (pt. 2)
Make your way past zombie people to the boss at the end.
Thing Thing 3: More stickman gun game actionThing-Thing (pt. 3)
Fight your way through the enemy city on a secret mission.

More great stick man games

Thing-Thing Arena Thing-Thing Arena 2   Territory War
Average School Day   Para Jumper   Rage
Gun Run   Rice Hat Warrior Arnes de Mano
Wink, the Game   Stickman Turret Defense Manhunt

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