The Blade of Innocence: Defend Your Castle

In Blade of Innocence, a strategy game, you are the ruler of your keep. Your responsibility is to defend your castle against "The Beast," an evil overlord, and use your "blade of innocence" (metaphorically speaking) to conquer his castle. To do that, you must raise and train your army, and build improvements to your castle. Be sure to use your money wisely, and save up for better improvements whenever possible. For the Very Easy and Easy levels of Blade of Innocence, I recommend starting with the windmill; then build the barracks and get three footmen in place before building the blacksmith shop. The Hard level of Blade of Innocence is not impossible. I've won all four levels of Blade of Innocence. Also, a note about the Colossus -- the icon for that is directly below Hero and Lord.
Controls: Mouse to select armies and building improvements.

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