Franky Fishy 2: Cavern of Doom!

In a combination of "Copter Game" and the original Franky Fishy (also known as Hungry Fishy), it's now up to you to guide Franky through the underwater caverns. As before, it's a world of eat or be eaten. Any fishy smaller than you is fair game... but swim near a bigger fishy, and YOU'RE the fishy that's for dinner. As you eat more fish, you get a little bigger and more powerful. But you also have to make it to the end of the cavern.
(Note: For another Hungry Fishy Game, click here for the original Franky Fishy)

Space bar controls the height of the fishy. Hold down to rise; release to come back down. Oh, and watch out for the cavern walls -- they'll kill you too!

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Game provided by FlashGames247

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