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Sunset Studio 3
Go behind the scenes New! 
Jul 010
Paige Harper
Tome of Mystery New! 
Jul 010
Mystery Cruise Adventure on the high seas New!  Jun 010 Lilly Wu Terra Cotta Mystery New!  Jun 010 Berlin Nights A detective love story New!  Jun 010
Magic Encyclopedia 3 Save the Magic Academy! New!  Jun 010 Escape the Lost Kingdom The Cursed Pharaoh New!  Jun 010 Journey of Hope Journey to the unknown! New!  Jun 010
Island of Hope Mystery Stories New!  Jun 010 Vampire Saga Open Pandora's Box New!  Jun 010 Journalist Journey The Eye of Odin New!  May 010
Fiction Fixers Adventures in Wonderland New!  May 010 Real Detectives Murder In Miami New!  May 010 Nightfall Mysteries Curse of the Opera New!  May 010
Deadtime Stories Leave the light on... New!  May 010 The Gates of Xibalba Meet Joan Jade New!  May 010 The Lost Cases of Sherlock Holmes 2 Got clues? New!  Apr 010
Matchmaker Joining Hearts True love New!  Apr 010 Mind's Eye Secrets of the Forgotten New!  Apr 010 Broken Hearts Love, romance, deception and tragedy New! 

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