Fat Ronaldo's World Cup Dash

Brazil's soccer (football) team has lost to France, and the country blames poor pudgy Ronaldo (in fact, they hate Ronaldo). But they're giving him one more chance to redeem himself. Help fat Ronaldo get the soccer ball back to the goal before Argentinan captain Crespo steals it away. Ronaldo will be tempted by junk food along the way, and if he pauses for a snack, it'll slow him down and people will hate Ronaldo even more. Fortunately, there are golden sneakers available to help Ronaldo speed up a little. Be sure not to jump over the ball or Crespo will win. Run Ronaldo Run!

Controls: Up arrow to jump, down arrow to duck. Be sure not to miss the soccer ball, or Argentina wins!

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Game provided by 2DPlay

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